James Heckman: Tinder Dates Gone Wrong

Have you ever gone on a Tinder date that was not what you expected? You immediately swipe right at the sight of an attractive person holding an adorable puppy. But, minutes after showing up at the bar, you find your date is dismissive, rude, and has horrible taste in beer. Sometimes what you see isn’t what you get. When you take a step back, you realize that the things you attributed to the person in the profile picture do not reflect the reality of your date. Continue reading “James Heckman: Tinder Dates Gone Wrong”

Douglass North: How Did We Even Get Here?

The iPhone X just came out yesterday. This phone costs $999, has insane processing power, and has facial recognition that can be used to unlock the phone and make purchases. Technofears and privacy debates aside, this is a marvel of technology. I promise this isn’t an Apple commercial, I’m just taking a moment to be astounded at how far we’ve come today. Continue reading “Douglass North: How Did We Even Get Here?”

Dilemma: The Segregated Match

In his new book, The Complacent Class, Tyler Cowen re-emphasizes the role of economists in perpetuating pessimism. By connecting a slew of dismal trends backed by hard (and shaky) data, he offers a rationale behind the low levels of productivity, decreased economic mobility and low levels of economic growth. He categorizes the factors that make us seemingly FKD.
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Safety Or Crony: General Motor’s Attempt To Lay Out The Rules

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if a new regulation is put in place to ensure safety or to make it difficult for competitors to compete in the same market. In the case of Michigan’s unprecedented rules on self-driving vehicles, General Motor’s involvement is not making it any easier. Continue reading “Safety Or Crony: General Motor’s Attempt To Lay Out The Rules”

This Valentine’s Day, The Story of How the “D” Creates the Oversupply


In light of the most romantic holiday of the year, it’s time to flop it on the table and talk about the economic implications of the D.

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