Got a Little Older, Got a Little Wieser

You hear it all the time: “Something weird happens to you when you turn 30.” Life gets a bit more serious, namely career changes, concerns about retirement, and passing out well before midnight. The term “settling down” takes over your mind. Continue reading “Got a Little Older, Got a Little Wieser”

Ready To Risk It All Part I, Options Pricing

Imagine what your life could be like if for any situation you could enjoy the upside without suffering any of the downside. Say you love the color yellow, but it totally washes out your skin tone. Or, perhaps you really want to Keep Up With The Kardashians but unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day to follow the entire family’s Instagram accounts. It seems like all choices we have in life have a downside, but what if I told you that in financial markets there are contracts with no downside? No, I’m not trying to sell you timeshares. I’m talking about options pricing. Continue reading “Ready To Risk It All Part I, Options Pricing”

A Williamson-esque Approach To Moving In With Your Hunny

Every time we find out about a big company swallowing up a smaller company for a ridiculous amount of money, we get a feeling something fishy is going on. They’re probably just trying to squash the competition and become enormous monopolies to force us lowly consumers into paying higher prices for their products, right? Continue reading “A Williamson-esque Approach To Moving In With Your Hunny”