Robert Merton: Finally, The Real Key to Making Cheddar (And Possibly Causing Recessions)

So… we admit Alex gave you the ol’ bait ‘n switch with his post on Harry Markowitz, who basically came up with the sound advice that we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket. He teased saying that this was the “key to making cheddar.” You thought he was going to teach you how to make money. Continue reading “Robert Merton: Finally, The Real Key to Making Cheddar (And Possibly Causing Recessions)”

Harry Markowitz: The Key to Making Cheddar

Whenever I mention I study economics to strangers in conversation, I’m often half-jokingly asked whether I know of any good stocks to invest in. Studying economics apparently means I know all the secrets to what made Warren Buffett filthy rich. Continue reading “Harry Markowitz: The Key to Making Cheddar”

Lawrence Klein: The Economic Fortune Teller

Whenever someone finds out you are an economist, the line of questioning that follows changes quite dramatically. “Do you think the stock market is going to pull back in the next couple months?” “Is the student loan bubble going to pop?” “What should I invest in?” Continue reading “Lawrence Klein: The Economic Fortune Teller”