Winter is Coming. Become Antifragile.

Antifragility is key to navigating the seemingly political and economic winter that is coming. As the wise Jon Snow — of Game of Thrones fame — would say, winter is coming and we know what’s coming with it: robots, shorter work weeks and substantial labor force disruptions. We can either sit around and wait or learn to live with the wildlings and diversify our income streams. Continue reading “Winter is Coming. Become Antifragile.”

Puerto Rico: Should We or Should We Not Step In

The “isla del encanto,” or the “island of enchantment,” also known as Puerto Rico, has been cursed for quite some time now and is dire need of some financial assistance.

Puerto Rico may be known for raising beauty queens, making tons of delicious rum and being the “Lechon James” of roast pork, but when it comes to the economy — let’s just say, it could do better. A lot better. Continue reading “Puerto Rico: Should We or Should We Not Step In”