Ready To Risk It All Part I, Options Pricing

Imagine what your life could be like if for any situation you could enjoy the upside without suffering any of the downside. Say you love the color yellow, but it totally washes out your skin tone. Or, perhaps you really want to Keep Up With The Kardashians but unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day to follow the entire family’s Instagram accounts. It seems like all choices we have in life have a downside, but what if I told you that in financial markets there are contracts with no downside? No, I’m not trying to sell you timeshares. I’m talking about options pricing. Continue reading “Ready To Risk It All Part I, Options Pricing”

Robert Engle III: Predicting Bitcoin’s Volatility

Oh, Bitcoin. It has people more divided than our commander-in-chief. On one side, we have the aspiring (or closet) millionaires — the Bitcoin enthusiasts — preaching the good word of cryptocurrencies. And on the other side of the aisle, we have the finance millionaires — or the financial establishment — waiting somewhat patiently for Bitcoin’s inevitable expiry. Continue reading “Robert Engle III: Predicting Bitcoin’s Volatility”

Robert Mundell: Three Choices? Not in My Financial Market! ?

With the bad weather blowing in and holidays around the corner, my mind has slipped into thinking about places I’d rather be than Virginia. Italy, Paris, Switzerland…I have visited Europe a couple times. Unfortunately, as my bank account can’t fund a trans-Atlantic flight, I have had to mostly reminisce of the good times there. Continue reading “Robert Mundell: Three Choices? Not in My Financial Market! ?”

Robert Merton: Finally, The Real Key to Making Cheddar (And Possibly Causing Recessions)

So… we admit Alex gave you the ol’ bait ‘n switch with his post on Harry Markowitz, who basically came up with the sound advice that we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket. He teased saying that this was the “key to making cheddar.” You thought he was going to teach you how to make money. Continue reading “Robert Merton: Finally, The Real Key to Making Cheddar (And Possibly Causing Recessions)”