Trump’s Tariffs: Does America Win?

By Will Hanafan (Creighton University)             When President Donald Trump came crashing through the doors of the White House back in 2016, he brought with him a completely new attitude and set of ideas. At the heart of this new attitude towards the country came his notorious mantra, “Make America Great Again”. His campaign and slogan focused … Continue reading Trump’s Tariffs: Does America Win?

Sir Arthur Lewis: Progress Always Beats Nostalgia

Donald Trump, the 45th President of these United States, has spoken emphatically about the factories that are running away from the United States and into the arms of Mexico and China. He said, “I have visited cities and towns across this country where one-third or even half of the manufacturing jobs have been wiped out … Continue reading Sir Arthur Lewis: Progress Always Beats Nostalgia

Libertarians are NOT Republicans

Previously posted on GenFKD In a political climate dominated by a two-party system, Libertarians are constantly confused as off-brand Republicans. Although the two groups sometimes align on issues, there are stark ideological differences between them, particularly in this era of Trump. So let’s, briefly, clear up any (mis)understandings of what the Libertarian Party platform is … Continue reading Libertarians are NOT Republicans