Your Life Is In Disequilibrium

Looking back at our lives, it is easy to point out the pivotal choices that determine where we are today. These decision-pebbles create ripples in the outcome-ponds of our lives. Often, we harp on the seemingly mundane decision that caused a traumatic event. “Had I just picked up the phone, I could have prevented X from happening!” or “Gosh, had I just chosen to go my usual way home, I wouldn’t have totaled my car!” It seems as if that one decision put our whole lives off balance. Continue reading “Your Life Is In Disequilibrium”

Herbert A. Simon: Navigating the Maze

Recently, I embarked on a long road trip. When you spend more than five hours on the road, eventually you have to make a stop for lunch or dinner. How do you decide where to eat? You could make a “safe” bet and stop at a fast food joint, or you can try the local cuisine by stopping at an unknown eatery. I usually choose the latter, which has led to some bad experiences. Safe to say, I’ve made some bad choices despite my noticing the broken door handle, overgrown landscape, and questionable folks in the parking lot. Continue reading “Herbert A. Simon: Navigating the Maze”