Our Parents And Grandparents Are Sharing The Struggle With Student Loans

The student loan debt crisis is not exclusive to Gen Y. A new report claims that of the student loans taken out by folks over the age of 60, 40 percent of them are in default. This will turn out to have some serious implications for not only their well-being but for Gen Y’s ability to become economically mobile in the future. Continue reading “Our Parents And Grandparents Are Sharing The Struggle With Student Loans”

Debt’s Double-Sided Sword is Really Sharp on One Side

To many, debt has become a necessary evil to just get by. By getting a debt reduction blueprint, this necessary evil may be a thing of the past. 

You get a job, so you can afford to have a life. But then you spend all your time at work, and end up with no time to live the life you’re working for. Why?

Debt. **Mic drop** Continue reading “Debt’s Double-Sided Sword is Really Sharp on One Side”

Puerto Rico: Should We or Should We Not Step In

The “isla del encanto,” or the “island of enchantment,” also known as Puerto Rico, has been cursed for quite some time now and is dire need of some financial assistance.

Puerto Rico may be known for raising beauty queens, making tons of delicious rum and being the “Lechon James” of roast pork, but when it comes to the economy — let’s just say, it could do better. A lot better. Continue reading “Puerto Rico: Should We or Should We Not Step In”

Puerto Rico’s Solution

Imagine a World

Jurassic World hit the $1 billion mark by June 25, only 13 days after its debut in theaters. Yea, ridiculous. Imagine what a real life Jurassic World could bring in revenue. We’re talking Disney money. All we need is the perfect location—ah, but of course, Puerto Rico!

The gorgeous terrain has not been able to keep Puerto Rico’s economy from tanking in the last eight years. The island’s Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Product (we’ll break these down later) has seen negative growth. The expansion of government programs and Uncle Sam’s cash injections have only backed the economy into a corner, and, as a result, the government is about to default on $72 billion worth of government debt.

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