Progress In Cuba Thanks To Airbnb. Don’t Stop It.

As the Trump administration considers how to go about “canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba,” and now closing up the US embassy due to mysterious “sonic attacks,” Airbnb is hoping that it doesn’t scare off the booming business from U.S. tourists. Continue reading “Progress In Cuba Thanks To Airbnb. Don’t Stop It.”

Thoughts on the Government-Granted Privilege for Cubans

I want to preface these thoughts by letting you know that I have never been to Cuba. (Although I hope to make it out there by the end of June this year.) I am a second-generation Cuban, with only the narratives of my immigrant family members that have largely shaped my identity. Continue reading “Thoughts on the Government-Granted Privilege for Cubans”

My Ideal Economic Design

A friend messaged me on Facebook asking, “If I could build my own economic system, what would it look like?” I responded quickly by letting him know I’d send my thoughts to him the next day. Well, two weeks have gone by and I have finally decided to take a stab at this quite daunting challenge. 

For the tl;dr folk, surprise, surprise! It’s capitalism. Continue reading “My Ideal Economic Design”