Will the Supposed “Next Babe Ruth” Shohei Ohtani Defy Economics? Probably not.

Shohei Ohtani is a twenty-three year old Japanese baseball player. He possesses a fastball that tops 100 MPH and hitting power that promises home runs in bunches. He signed this winter with the Los Angeles Angels after four years of wild success playing as both a pitcher and hitter in Japan. Continue reading “Will the Supposed “Next Babe Ruth” Shohei Ohtani Defy Economics? Probably not.”

March Madness and Oskar Lange

We know it’s the middle of March when the rambunctious sports fanatic perks up and invites everyone in the office to “fill out their bracket” and put some money on it.This can only mean one thing– March Madness is here! In the doldrums of winter, I always appreciate the burst of energy that comes along with some friendly competition as week-by-week one person’s bracket rises above the rest. Continue reading “March Madness and Oskar Lange”

The Workout Partner Dilemma

For the past year, I have been religiously going to the gym and exercising. It has been a wonderful way for me to relieve some stress and not turn into a walrus. But, for a while, I was working out alone. One day, a fellow graduate student made the first move and invited me to workout with him. Since then “the gains” have become much more noticeable.

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Your Life Is In Disequilibrium

Looking back at our lives, it is easy to point out the pivotal choices that determine where we are today. These decision-pebbles create ripples in the outcome-ponds of our lives. Often, we harp on the seemingly mundane decision that caused a traumatic event. “Had I just picked up the phone, I could have prevented X from happening!” or “Gosh, had I just chosen to go my usual way home, I wouldn’t have totaled my car!” It seems as if that one decision put our whole lives off balance. Continue reading “Your Life Is In Disequilibrium”

Monopoly Monday: Marijuana

The political discussion on marijuana is mostly focused on the consumer side of things. Namely, about deterring our kids from flying through the drug abuse gateway and becoming dangerous at worst or unproductive at the very least.

However, directing the discussion toward the supply side, might provide some important insights and a nicer yield.

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We’re All in this Together? Mises and Team USA

Team USA didn’t win gold medals at the Olympics. Team USA didn’t participate in figure skating, luge, curling, or half pipe. Before you stop reading, let me explain.

Chloe Kim, a snowboarder from California, won gold in the half pipe through her dedication, hard work, and talent. She also won us over with her Twitter feed. The Shibutani twins competed in ice dancing and won bronze for their stellar choreography and coordination. All of the athletes earned a spot to compete under one flag and to win rare, circular stones on a string through their dedication and action.

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