Robert Solow: Finding the Formula for Economic Growth

Let’s talk about all the crazy things that are happening in Korea. No, not North Korea, they get enough attention for much less amazing things. The economy in South Korea has exploded since the Korean War. In just 60 years, they’ve gone from absolute poverty to a country of innovators and technology. A recent study showed that South Korea’s life expectancy would be 90 years by 2030. Life expectancy in the US, today, is less than 80 years. Continue reading “Robert Solow: Finding the Formula for Economic Growth”

Beating Climate Change And Creating Jobs By Uberizing Electricity

From afar, the Trump administration waging war on the Environmental Protection Agency while ramping up its efforts to fix old bridges and to deepen old ditches looks like some weird political balancing act. On one hand, they are shrugging off climate change, but “Look! Jobs!”  

Both of these efforts seem to be leaving us FKD’d. However, the progressively backward movements on these fronts can be corrected if instead of refurbishing all the old stuff, we aim our focus on the future.

The future lies in an area we often take for granted: electricity. Continue reading “Beating Climate Change And Creating Jobs By Uberizing Electricity”