The Body’s Feedback Loops

Don’t you love feedback? Admittedly, some of us, not so much. But, if we think about it. Feedback is a necessary part of life. We get feedback whenever we do anything. If you try to shoot a basketball into the hoop, and you miss, you’re given instant feedback to change your form or improve your aim. Continue reading “The Body’s Feedback Loops”

Ready To Risk It All Part II, Continuous Processes

The dog days of summer are fast approaching. Even from my air-conditioned office cubicle, I can feel the temperature outside rising – and my productivity levels decreasing with each additional degree. But I’m looking forward to the heat for more reasons than just excuses to borrow my friend’s pool. As the dog days of summer approach, I literally see more dogs out and about when I go outside. As a dog-deprived graduate student, this is the time of year that I live for. In addition to creeping on the dogs of D.C., I am constantly obsessing over my friend’s dogs. Whenever I see my friends’ puppies, I’m always amazed at the dramatic amount of change that has occurred since I saw them last. It’s a truly incredible phenomenon how quickly puppies seem to grow when you only see them in discrete time intervals! Living with a pup that you interact with on the daily, however, you barely notice the change. Continue reading “Ready To Risk It All Part II, Continuous Processes”

Selena Gomez Makes $550,000 for Each Sponsored Instagram Post

If you mosey on over to Selena’s Instagram page, you’ll see that she is sporting a ton of Puma gear. According to E! News, she signed a two year deal worth over $30 million. Kim Kardashian is another all-star advertiser earning $500,000 per post. Cristiano Ronaldo carries a whopping 104 million followers and also cashes in at around $400,000 per sponsored post.

Continue reading “Selena Gomez Makes $550,000 for Each Sponsored Instagram Post”