Kevin D. Gomez


Kevin D. Gomez graduated from Florida State University, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and Statistics. He is a graduate student at George Mason University, seeking a Master’s degree in Economics. Unless the perceived MC > MB, he will try to obtain a Ph.D. in Economics as well. When he’s not writing, he’s eating (and drinking), reading, working out, and tickling ivories.

Curriculum Vitae

Marc Morris


Marc Morris, the man, the myth, the legend. He writes on music, sports, and economics. He hates breathing, eating and drinking. Loves his fiancee, obese cats and the firework that got JPP’s hand. Mar’s writing is shitty, illiterate and offensive. Besides writing, he likes long walks on the beach and watching cat videos. Oh, and he’s in pursuit of his Master’s in Economics from George Mason University.

Matt Kelly

matt kelly

Matt Kelly is the lead policy analyst and blog content manager for the DeVoe Moore Center. He works in collaboration with research assistants that he manages to produce meaningful policy commentary and policy briefs under the Policy Lab Group. His areas of research focus on social entrepreneurship, regulation, and the disruptive effects of the sharing economy. He earned his degree in economics from Florida State University.

Alex Kanode


Alex Kanode graduated from Western Carolina University with a Bachelor’s in Sociology. He’s currently pursuing an MA in Economics at George Mason University and enjoys drinking, reading, and looking for awful horror movies on Netflix. His research interests are culture, interdisciplinarity, and international trade and development.

James Czernaiwski


James Czerniawski graduated from Purchase College with a degree in both American history and economics. He is currently pursuing his Masters in economics from George Mason University. He enjoys reading, Game of Thrones, drinking and talking about economics. His interests include technology policy, financial literacy, targeted tax incentives, and regulation.