A constant upward trend in government social benefits. In other words, the government continues to increase the amount of money taken from one person (or borrowed from a future person) and given to others –regardless of who is president.
Despite the increase in social spending, household income has increased over the long run. The negative dips in household incomes are due to recessionary periods which involve a reduction in productivity and increases in unemployment. This graph goes up until September of 2019. Household income will likely drop a bit as a result of the pandemic.
This graph describes the money we have leftover after we pay taxes that can be used for consumption or savings.
Here is a graph of SNAP, or previously known as “Food Stamps.” To be eligible for these benefits, individuals or households must be at our below 130% of the poverty line. A reduction in SNAP expenditures should not be confused with the government “cutting benefits” but an economy in which individuals are actually experiencing income growth.
Here’s an interesting one: Medicare spending. If you all don’t start having more kids, your Medicare benefits might be cut when you’re older. There’s no sign of it slowing down.
Here’s the labor force participation rate. This measures the rate the adult population (16 and over) participate in the labor force by either working or actively looking for work. After each recession, you’ve seen a decline in men participating in the labor force. On the other hand, women have taken up the slack. Since the 2000s, though, we’ve seen a dip in the labor force participation overall, especially after the recession. This is attributed to boomers getting out of the workforce when shit started to hit the fan. It’s better to just go into retirement than to mess around with firings, shortened hours, more work in some cases, and just more headaches all around. This coincides nicely with the uptick in Medicare expenditures from the previous graph. We’ll see a huge decline in the labor force participation rate long after the pandemic which will have enormous implications with government expenditures for the foreseeable future.
For those of you who think Trump and the Republican Senate are hanging you out to dry. This regime has dolled out more money to people than any other US regime in history. And, you want more? Look at the “Great Recession” of 2008 during the Obama years. You get why we should open back up?
Medicaid continues to provide support for many Americans, despite who’s in office.
Finally, here’s a graph showing how much we love to buy shit. Here are two takeaways from this graph: 1) the reason you feel rich is because you buy more shit than any of the previous generations. 2) the reason you feel poor is because you buy more shit than any of the previous generations.

Overall hot-takeaway:

Presidents don’t matter. The government spends a lot of money. Older people are expensive. But, one day you’ll be old and expensive as well. So, have more kids to increase the income-earning population. We’re actually getting richer. But, we also like to buy a bunch of shit, which makes us feel poor.

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