Harry Markowitz: The Key to Making Cheddar

Whenever I mention I study economics to strangers in conversation, I’m often half-jokingly asked whether I know of any good stocks to invest in. Studying economics apparently means I know all the secrets to what made Warren Buffett filthy rich. Continue reading “Harry Markowitz: The Key to Making Cheddar”

Trygve Haavelmo: Bringing Economics To Decision Makers

Almost all the choices we make in life — like trying a new restaurant, deciding to go to school, or moving across the country for a new job — are made with some level of uncertainty. We might get food poisoning, take on a bunch of student loan debt and end up hating school, or find out you hate the new job and don’t like living in a place where you don’t know anybody, respectively. Continue reading “Trygve Haavelmo: Bringing Economics To Decision Makers”

Economics & Culture Making

Culture is what we make of the world.”- Andy Crouch in Culture Making

One of the many delights of Summer 2017 has been diving into Andy Crouch’s 2008 book “Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling”. In this highly ambitious and superbly written book, Crouch seeks to unpack what “culture” is, how culture changes, and lays out the rationale for why culture-making is deeply intrinsic to what it means to be human. Continue reading “Economics & Culture Making”

Robots Don’t Need No Man, But They Can’t Sell

The plight of workers in a changing economy being taken over by robots continues to be the buzz on the street. Everywhere we turn, we are reading, listening or spouting about the demise of the American worker. Unless we all become salespeople. Continue reading “Robots Don’t Need No Man, But They Can’t Sell”

George Allais: Take a Gamble With Me

Whenever I went to my mom’s office growing up, often they would collectively buy tickets for the mega millions jackpot in New York. Almost 22 years later and no one from the office has gotten the lucky numbers, how cruel! Continue reading “George Allais: Take a Gamble With Me”

The story of HipHoponomics

“He who only wishes and hopes does not interfere actively with the course of events and with the shaping of his own destiny.”

— Ludwig von Mises, Economist

HipHoponomics is the marriage of Economics and Hip-hop. It is designed to provide a creative & dynamic front door for intellectual engagement in economics for students. From a personal passion growing up to a grad school project, to the development of a new movement in economics education receiving regional and national attention, here is the story of HipHoponomics. Continue reading “The story of HipHoponomics”

No use in tampering with the tampon tax

By Diego Zuluaga

The Leave campaign carried the day in the EU referendum by promising to “take back control.” On an individual level, this is unambiguously an appealing prospect – who wouldn’t want to be the master of one’s own destiny? But when it comes to issues of public policy, the motto has as its corollary a troubling question: control to whom, of what, and for what? Continue reading “No use in tampering with the tampon tax”