My Ideal Economic Design

A friend messaged me on Facebook asking, “If I could build my own economic system, what would it look like?” I responded quickly by letting him know I’d send my thoughts to him the next day. Well, two weeks have gone by and I have finally decided to take a stab at this quite daunting challenge. 

For the tl;dr folk, surprise, surprise! It’s capitalism. Continue reading “My Ideal Economic Design”

How Gen X Helped Create the Modern Economy Before Leaving Us a Wreck

Our series exploring the formation of the modern economy rolls on with our rollercoaster-riding aunts and uncles of Generation X. This was the group that experienced both historic peacetime economic growth and set us up for the financial implosion of the Great Recession — the hand-me-down we never wanted. Continue reading “How Gen X Helped Create the Modern Economy Before Leaving Us a Wreck”

The Church Acknowledges Doing Bad by Doing Good

This morning’s message hit home in the resident economist’s heart. Christ brings us out from the woodworks to produce good works for our fellow man. The communities within (I’m guessing most) churches is the perfect mix of contagion and accountability to be “selfless” every now and again and redistribute our excesses. Whether it’s our faith or our intrinsic empathetic nature, we want to help people and the best way we know how is by giving money. But sometimes, we might be doing more bad than good.

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My Meaningless Analysis of the Election

I was asked to produce an analysis of the election results. But, instead of providing that one person with my thoughts, I figured I shouldn’t exclude anyone from my deep, detailed, assessment of this seemingly traumatic event in American politics. Continue reading “My Meaningless Analysis of the Election”

How Our Parents Helped Create the Modern Economy They Do Not Understand

As we continue examining the foundations of our modern economy, let’s take a look at how our parents’ generation helped revolutionize labor skills, before getting left behind.

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