Ramble: Do More With Less

The acorn has the potential to cover the earth in wood. A million dollars has the potential to end world hunger. A construction company has the potential to house all those that are homeless. We have the potential to incredible feats of good.

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Why Our Grandparents Don’t “Get” the Modern Economy

In a time of comprehensive labor market disruption, no one needs to be reminded that jobs and their respective incomes are always changing in the modern economy.

In this series, we’re going to dive into how the occupations of yesterday have changed with each generation. By exploring this transformation, we may be able to uncover trends that will better prepare us for the unpredictable labor force of tomorrow.

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A (Sadly Short) List of Admirable Foreign Leaders

International Liberty

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President, supposedly made a political mistake when he couldn’t name any foreign political leaders that he admires.

If his inability to produce a list of names was the result of being clueless about world affairs, then I suppose he can be legitimately criticized. But what if he couldn’t name an admirable foreign leader because, well, there aren’t any?

I pay reasonably close attention to global economic developments (hence the name of this blog), and I can’t pick out a single foreign head of state who deserves strong praise.

Even after a couple of days of contemplation, I don’t have any strong candidates. If you put a gun to my head, I suppose I might mention John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, or Bibi Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. Both have implemented some market-oriented reforms, though not the bold…

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