Let Laughter Teach You

Laughter is the medicine of all medicines.

T.K. Coleman's Blog

Back in college I was in love with a girl who broke up with me.

Had you teased me about the break-up back then, I would have been deeply hurt and offended. If you tease me about it now, I’d laugh and be a good sport.

Why? Because I’m over it.

There’s a valuable lesson about laughter here:

The ability or inability to laugh at a situation is a good gauge for measuring your relationship to it.

If you can’t laugh at something, then you’re probably still in the process of defining your relationship to it. You might still be healing and recovering. You might still be attached to a specific outcome. You might still be in the process of exploring your feelings and figuring out what you need to do.

If it’s easy to laugh at something, then you’ve probably achieved some closure or peace of mind with it. It’s an indicator…

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