Government must…


By Kevin Gomez

Income inequality arises from market forces,

Government must equalize it.

Because the resource is scarce,

Government must manage it.

Society is way too complex,

Government must control it.

Capitalism fosters greed and corruption,

Government must temper it.

The free market ignores the poor,

Government must attend to it.

Markets constantly fail,

Government must correct it.

Healthcare is a god-given right,

Government must enforce it.

The market cannot provide education,

Government must provide it.

The free market is discriminatory,

Government must eliminate it.

The free market causes unemployment,

Government must diminish it.

Capitalism kills the planet,

Government must save it.

Capitalism discourages morality,

Government must legislate it.

The market offers too many choices,

Government must choose it.

The market creates gains from trade,

Government must destroy it.

Voluntary transactions are illusory,

Government must solidify it.

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