Panama Papers: Do Tax Havens Actually Help the Economy?

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The Panama Papers bring a lot more to light than just hidden money and global corruption. The episode shows that when you increase the price of something, people will either buy less of it or find a way to get it cheaper — an important lesson to remember when discussing tax havens.

The Panama Papers

For those reading the news for the first time, no, Panama Papers are not high-quality rolling papers. There were a few, or 11.2 million, leaked documents, that showed the world where big names (and some pretty dark names) store their big money from the public eye. Continue reading “Panama Papers: Do Tax Havens Actually Help the Economy?”

Capitalism Offers the Gift of Flight

bald-eagle-flying-in-skyCapitalism brings out the best in people. It is often portrayed as an amoral battlefield for the conflict of interests between the poor and the rich. Unethically unrestrained, for the haves to do as they wish to the have-nots. However, this economic, social, and political system is thoroughly structured with ethical norms and inherent laws. Theft, which is ironically pinned as capitalism’s cardinal sin, is rejected entirely. In fact, it is based upon the principle of earning the rewards of value creation and innovation. This principle leads to further ethical implications that undoubtedly furthers the virtues of the human species and advances society. Continue reading “Capitalism Offers the Gift of Flight”

Adam Smith Reigning In The Unicorns

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003_unicornAdam Smith’s “invisible hand” has been smacking proclaimed unicorns in the tech industry, protecting the rest of us from another economic Armageddon.

There has been chatter about the dangers of the unicorn economy that has stemmed from the breeding ground of technological innovation—Silicon Valley. With 155 unicorn companies at a total valuation of $550 billion, the media, along with economists and forecasters, sees this as an economic time bomb and warn the masses to hide into whatever financial bunker they can find. But as we are well aware (or not), it’s typical (and ironical) for the media to blow shit out of proportion and not tell the whole story. Continue reading “Adam Smith Reigning In The Unicorns”

The Line

By Logan “The Dramatic” Rand

The Line.

We dare not cross it, publicly.

We mustn’t advertise the definitions of such a boundary, allowing the fog to create ambiguous interpretations for society to boast its brilliance upon. For it is this discontinuity which taunts us ever closer, inching our way like a worm, forward progress nearing, yet, so suitably, always parallel to, nonexistence. Yet the snapshots we see erect such visions of danger through proximity, ever growing.crossing-the-line Continue reading “The Line”