6 Questions That Will Keep You Intellectually Honest

Fantastic post by T.K.

T.K. Coleman's Blog

It’s easy to feel confident in what we think we know. It’s easy to latch on to the sensation that we’ve already arrived in our pursuit of truth. It’s easy to buy into the illusion that we’re one of the rare few chosen ones who understand what’s really going on while everyone else is guilty of blatant idiocy. It’s easy to assume that we have far more to teach than we have to learn. It’s easy to draw hard lines of distinction between teacher and student while forgetting that every good teacher needs to play the role of student and every good student needs to play the role of teacher.

There’s no easy formula for maintaining open-mindedness and intellectual honesty, but here’s a list of questions I’ve come up with as an exercise in keeping myself honest.

Question #1: Can you name one person, dead or alive, who you regard…

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