Immigration Stagnation: Brief History

In lieu of GenFKD’s Oppression to Opportunity (#Op2Op) campaign, and the wall-construction plans of some presidential hopefuls, we are exploring the issue of immigration in a three-part blog series. The first segment will discuss a brief history of United States immigration. The second part will discuss the political standoff behind this issue. Finally, we’ll conclude the series with some economics, which could help round out your thoughts on immigration and its effect on our wallet. Continue reading “Immigration Stagnation: Brief History”

Why Societies Prosper and Others Stay Poor or Stagnant

It is all too easy to confuse the evidence of prosperity with its cause. An educated population, access to capital and sound financial markets, a diverse and productive labor force, innovative businesses, and general material abundance are surely hallmarks of a prosperous society. Yet these features merely describe prosperity. They do not explain it. These features can only come about in a society in which the political institutions defend the individual rights and liberties of its members. Freedom, undoubtedly, is what enables societies to flourish.


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