Dodd-Frank: The Butt of the GOP Economic Platforms

The Dodd-Frank Act was mentioned several times at the Republican debate by the presidential hopefuls all with the same undertone. It sucks.

Finally, we get a discussion of the economy coming from the party that claims to be on the “right is right” side of economic policy. This is what we buy kegs and host watch-parties. According to all the polls—literally, all the polls—it is the entreé in our meal of issues we give a shit about. Continue reading “Dodd-Frank: The Butt of the GOP Economic Platforms”

Airbnb Defeats Regulation in San Francisco, Sharing Economy Here to Stay

The new and innovative sharing economy is creatively disrupting the old economy. Airbnb has risen victorious in the battle at San Francisco with “Prop F,” sending a clear message to governments and regulators to back off. Continue reading “Airbnb Defeats Regulation in San Francisco, Sharing Economy Here to Stay”

FDA Rules May Vaporize The E-cigarette Industry

Vaporizing the e-cig biz.

The DeVoe L. Moore Center Blog


By Kevin Gomez

In the last three years, the electronic-cigarette business has exploded. According to Wells Fargo Securities, the “vaping” industry has gone from estimated revenue of $1 billion in 2012 to $3.5 billion in 2015. Although, much more research is needed to assess e-cigarettes health effects, some medical professionals say it is at least healthier than smoking. New rules that expand the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) authority to regulate vaping, however, will likely halt growth and favor large companies over smaller ones.

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